Darwin Day: A Celebration of Science

Friday, February 15, 2013
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Peggy Biga
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In honor of Charles Darwin’s birthday, the Department of Biology at UAB will be hosting “Darwin Day: A Celebration of Science.”

This event aims to celebrate scientific research with an emphasis on (but not limited to) evolutionary biology. Darwin Day will be held Friday, February 15, from 2-5pm at the Edge of Chaos (4th floor Lister Library). Darwin Day will feature guest speaker Dr. James Lacefield, a noted geologist and author of Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks: A Guide to the State’s Ancient Life and Landscapes, who will be giving a public lecture at 2pm entitled “Support from Alabama’s geological record for the prevailing science-based perspective on Earth history and the evolution of life”.

A public poster session will immediately follow the lecture (presented by faculty and students) to showcase some of the exciting research being conducted here at UAB. The poster session will consist of two types of presentations: 1) Laboratory posters will be aimed towards a general audience and broadly describes the type of research being conducted in a PI’s laboratory, and 2) research-oriented posters that describe results of a specific project. This informal poster session will provide an excellent platform for stimulating scientific discussion among students and faculty.
To submit your intent for a poster....email darwinday@uab.edu with names and title of your poster!
Refreshments and drinks will be provided during the event, and Darwin Day t-shirts will be for sale. 
Contact people for the event are: Dr. Peggy Biga and Dr. Dan Warner.


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